Comprehensive Post-Crash Inspection of Commercial Motor Vehicles

Post-Crash Mechanical Inspections

Often after major collisions, a mechanical inspection of a heavy truck is an extremely complex task. As an ASE Certified Medium/Heavy Truck Technician, we have the expertise required to conduct a mechanical inspection that can give insight as to whether a mechanical issue contributed to the crash, or if it was caused from the crash.

We have many years of experience as an accredited reconstructionist who has investigated hundreds of heavy truck crashes as well as conducted hundreds of roadside inspections of commercial motor vehicles. Many times, inspectors just put air to a chamber or fitting that is broken and test the function of it. You really need to know how the total system was working prior to the crash. By understanding the air brake system, we can include as many of these components in the test to analyze the entire braking system, and then diagnose specific components for operation.

We utilize Faro 3d scanners for our post-crash vehicle inspections. This allows us to create a 3d image of the vehicles involved, which will preserve the evidence forever. Often, the vehicles need to be repaired or sold to salvage, so you only get one chance to secure the potential evidence. Using this technology allows us to do just that.